BYONIK® Pure Collagen Eye Pads



Intensive moisture for the eyes

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These eye pads refresh and care for the delicate eye area with pure, freeze dried collagen.  The pads provide intensive moisturizing for the sensitive skin around the eyes, whilst reducing puffiness and effectively minimising the signs of tiredness and fine lines  Great to use after long days, lack of sleep, whilst travelling or before a special event.  Use in combination with BYONIK® Anti-Aging Complex for a complete anti-ageing eye treatment.

How to use:
After cleansing, slowly and evenly moisten the area around the eye with BYONIK® Anti-Aging Complex, lay the pad along the contour of the eye; dab remaining BYONIK® Anti-Aging Complex onto the pad until it is thoroughly moistened.  Leave on for 15 minutes. Apply BYONIK® View.

10 pack


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