Teresa Da Graça

Founder & Chief Executive

At heart I am an entrepreneur – it’s in my blood. Having worked with some of the leading international advertising and media agencies, in 1997, my husband and I launched our first company in that very dynamic and challenging sector. Since 2007 my entrepreneurial skills have been fully focused on the health, wellness and beauty industry.

The success of the first Pure venture, Pure Urban Retreat in Basel, Switzerland, linked my passion for beauty and wellness with my belief in the quality and effective results delivered by Swiss skincare. This fueled my wish to launch Pure Swiss in the UK market too, a country which has always been ‘home at heart’.

It was clear to me that the British beauty industry and specifically British consumers were looking for more innovative, natural and results-driven skincare. This created the perfect time and opportunity to launch our distribution company, Pure Swiss Aesthetics, in 2015 and extend it to the end consumer in 2017 with the launch of pureswissboutique.com.

Sarah-Jayne Tipper

UK Sales & Clinical Training Director

Sarah Jayne is a renowned consultant in medical aesthetics. Her 15 years experience with skin care in this industry have made her an asset in the development of new treatments, training, and products. She has a natural ability to know what works and what clinics as well as clients need. She remains on the forefront of new innovation and can easily spot revenue opportunities that others may overlook.

Anna Perry​

UK Operations Manager

Anna has over ten years of management experience from the aesthetic industry. Her approachable and friendly demeanor make her an expert at liaising with clients, internal departments and external suppliers. With first rate organisational skills, she oversees customer service and sales support. Her behind-the-scenes expertise ensures smooth operations for our UK team and customers.

Christina Rutz​

Swiss Sales & Clinical Training Manager

Christina is a former movement therapist and ballet dancer. Today as one of the most competent professional experts for cosmetics, she serves a loyal clientele in her own beauty and massage studio in Zurich. She focuses on computerized skin analysis, skin management concepts and skin therapies as well as makeup. In addition, she collaborates with renowned dermatologists as skin treatment specialist and training coach. Her vast knowledge has made her one of the most sought after trainers and columnists in the industry.

Flipside PR


Flipside is a creative beauty, health, aesthetics and lifestyle PR agency, based in Central London. It delivers effective media communications, media features, product placement, celebrity and influencer campaigns and commercial partnerships.


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