Vetia Mare Marine Essence

VETIA MARE Marine Essence (30ml)



Derma Oceanic Rejuvenation in a bottle

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This unique complex of biologically active waters, such as water extracted from fruits and sea water, contains water-soluble active substances and minerals that allows to effectively deliver nutrients, vitamins, and essential micro- and macro-elements, to nourish and gently protect skin from environmental stressors, and invigorate microbiota balance on the skin’s surface and deeply within the epidermal skin layer. The complex of ocean-derived algae, seaweed, and plankton extracts together with soluble collagen from jellyfish and carrageenan from crustacea, exerts very fast, multifaceted, and highly effective hydrating, restructuring, contouring, immune boosting, and firming actions. Flower extracts from Lonicera species bring long-lasting soothing, anti-redness and anti-swelling effects, preventing imbalance of the skin’s barrier and acne formation.

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