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Poudre Velours

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A 4-in-1 velvety effect powder

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The Poudre Velours, eyebrows powder, is easily applied thanks to its ultra-thin texture and its specifically developed residue-free applicator. Apply on eyebrows and eyes as eye shadow, eyeliner and khol. A must have for your beauty case.

How to use it ?

Application on eyebrows:
For easier application, use POCHOIRS D’ARTISTE for eyebrows adapted to your arch and fill in the stencil by drawing light lines with the applicator to imitate the hair and create the desired shape. Blend the excess and brush your eyebrows with PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 for eyes.
To create natural shade, collect some product from the applicator using the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 and apply on the eyebrow. Finally, set your eyebrows using the MASCARA NATUREL PARFAIT.

Application as eyeliner:
Draw a line along your lash line using the applicator. For a graphic effect, put some of the product on the back of your hand and collect it using the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 that you have previously moistened.

Application as eye shadow:
Place the powder along the lash line, then delicately blend the powder on the mobile eyelid, until you’ve reached your desired look, with the PINCEAU PRECISION N°3 for the eyes.

Application as khol:
Hold the applicator horizontally, close your eye and proceed to back and forth movements along the lower lash line to drop off the pigment evenly.


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2 reviews for Poudre Velours

  1. Francesca

    A fab all in one! I can glam my look from day to evening in 1 product. Really easy to use and stays on well. I keep it in my bag on work days so I’m good to glam my look before an evening out

  2. Lorrie

    I love this. So will you. Honestly just try it. You don’t need to fill your makeup bag with so many products when you have it all in the 1 item

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