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Pinceau Creme No 2


Cream complexion brush

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Brush with synthetic fiber hairs enable a delicate, homogeneous and precise application of creamy make-up. Soft as velvet, they glide on the skin and highlight the makeup. They will meet all of your application needs and are easy to clean.

This brush is also available for powders here.

How to use it ?
Using the brush, in circular motions, take the desired amount of powder and gently tap the brush to remove any excess product. Apply the powder in light motions on the face for an even application. When countouring your face, use the same motion but faster to blend together the colors and obtain a more natural and homogeneous make-up.
To clean the brushes, we recommend removing any excess make-up with a soft cloth after each use.
If the brush has an unpleasant odor or too much make-up residue, it is possible to wash it (only up to the ferrule) with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or shampoo. Then rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use detergents nor dry with a hair dryer. Ambient-air drying will allow the brush to retrieve its natural shape.
A regular cleaning of the brush will ensure it keeps its natural suppleness and the elasticity of its fibers.


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