Pince a Epiler

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Professional stainless steel tweezers

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Tweezers with beveled jaws which have been sharpened by hand to ensure optimum precision for tweezing even the thinnest hair. Its soft spring provides comfort and it is an essential ally for beautiful eyebrows.

How to use it ?
Carefully brush your eyebrows with PINCEAU BROSSE N°4 before hair removal.
To facilitate hair removal and minimize pain, firmly pull the skin between your fingers and remove unwanted hair in the direction of hair growth. The hair won’t break and hair removal as well as regrowth will be optimized.
We recommend monthly hair removal for a perfect brow line.

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2 reviews for Pince a Epiler

  1. Carrie

    Excellent tweezers. They even grab the tiniest of hairs. Very impressive

  2. Cara

    Totally with the money. I’ve bought other tweezers before but find they don’t pull the hair that well. These made plucking my brows so much quicker

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