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Ombres & Lumieres Cream


Tinted cream refills for the Monts & Merveilles palette

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Contour cream refill with a creamy texture provides a long-lasting effect that does not fade and has a soft, silky texture with full coverage that is non-greasy.

This refill fits into the Monts & Merveilles cream palette.

How to use it ?
Before starting your contouring, prepare your skin with the CREME GENEREUSE and your complexion with your usual products.
Start by shading the parts you want to dim, then illuminate the parts of the face you want to highlight. The powder refills OMBRES & LUMIERES exist in 6 shades which meet the needs of the 2 skin tones offered in the MONTS & MERVEILLES palettes. Apply the product using the PINCEAU N°2 and blend with the PINCEAU N°1.

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