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Mascara Naturel Parfait

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Gel for eyebrows & eyelashes

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Brows gel, great for a natural and well-groomed effect to tame fly-away eyebrows and eyelashes. Used alone it brings perfect definition for a natural look. Combined with the Mascara Divin, it offers even more brilliance and resistance Ð making natural perfection possible.

How to use it ?
Brush your eyebrows, with or without make-up, from the bottom to the top to create more volume and /or fix the make-up.
For a natural look, use the mascara on eyelashes and apply it carefully from the root to the tip.

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2 reviews for Mascara Naturel Parfait

  1. Anna

    I have very unruly brows. Not any more. This brow gel is amazing. Tamed brows in minutes!

  2. Indie

    I use this on my brows and lashes. It gives my lashes a defined look without mascara. If I’m going out for an evening I use the mascara over it for an extra little glamour

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