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Huile Cristal

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A nourishing brow oil

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This nourishing oil for eyebrows strengthens, nourishes and deeply hydrates the eyebrows – making them healthier. It gives brows the necessary suppleness to work into a beautiful arch.

How to use it ?
Delicately massage the oil on your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth with the roller ball for in-depth penetration of the oil. For optimal results, use HUILE CRISTAL twice a week at night, alternating with LE SOIN DUO SPA. Applied on eyebrows after hair removal, it will sooth the treated zone and avoid redness. Kept in the refregerator, its metal roller ball will immediately decongest and soothe the eye area.

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2 reviews for Huile Cristal

  1. Jasmin

    I had my brows waxes and my skin was so sore and red. Remembering I’d left this in the fridge (as recommended) and put some on. It was so calming and the redness went much quicker than previous times. My Brows are easier to style now too.

  2. Alice

    I use this to control my brows. I pluck occasionally but this helps me tame and brush my brows helping them look neat and feel great.

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