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Gloss Exquis Laquer

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Lip brightness & luminosity

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Laquer gloss, get immediate results with this clear gloss and its creamy coating, non-sticky texture. The mouse applicator glides softly on the lips for more comfort and precision. Its delicate perfume makes the lips irresistibly voluptuous.

Also available in light pink color or pomegranate color.

How to use it ?
Apply lip gloss alone for a natural effect or on top of your lipstick to give more brightness to your lips.

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2 reviews for Gloss Exquis Laquer

  1. Maxine

    So when lipgloss says non-sticky I’ve never found one that lives up to what it states. However this one really does. It has a lovely texture and glides on so easily. Lovely gloss finish. It’s perfect

  2. Shelly

    Wear it alone and it looks amazing, wear it over my lipstick and it makes my lips pop. Ive had so many compliments I tell everyone what I use

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