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Micellar gel makeup remover

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Micellar eraser, a beveled applicator enables you to erase precisely, rapidly and efficiently. The micelles, tiny molecules will automatically capture and absorb any extra makeup.
The tool that will never fail, it is perfect for all skin types.

How to use it ?
For better maintenance, we recommend, after each use, to wipe the applicator with a clean paper tissue in order to remove all traces of make-up and keep a clean applicator.

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2 reviews for Effaceur Chrono Precision

  1. Liv

    So how many of us end up with mascara on our lids or under our eyes. I know I do. Well it’s quickly erased with this handy tool. So easy to use. Worth every penny

  2. Linda

    This eraser has made my life so much easier. No faffing around with cotton buds and makeup remover, it’s all here in 1 handy stick.

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