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Creme Genereuse


A 4-in-1 cream

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This can be used as an 8 hour hydrating cream, as a makeup base, as a makeup remover or as a hydrating mask. It hydrates, heals and protects the skin against outside aggressions with a rich, soft and subtle texture.
Suitable for all skin types and ages, including children and infants.

How to use it ?

Application as hydrating cream or makeup base:
Apply delicately on the face with the tip of your fingers.
Its complete formula makes for an exceptional day cream which can also be used as a repairing cream after sun exposure.

Application as make-up remover:
Apply delicately on the skin with a clean cotton pad using circular motions to remove make-up on certain areas or if needed, the whole face. Do not use as an eye makeup remover. No need to rinse.

Application as a hydrating mask:
Apply a thick layer of the cream on the whole face with the tips of your fingers. Leave on for at least 5 minutes and remove the excess cream with an absorbing tissue. You can then, if you want, apply your usual make-up. Your skin will be sublimated, and your makeup will last longer.
Thanks to the soothing, anti redness and repairing properties of its formula, and its non-sticky and non-shiny texture, this cream can also be used as an after-shave balm for men.


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